Court one scheduled to be finished by March 16th

After the drilling and the infilling to make sure the court drains  – its the boys with the black stuff. Those of you of a certain age will remember Alan Bleasdale’s Television series set in Liverpool in the 1980’s. Those of you who don’t – forget it. Anyway  25 mm of asphalt is laid and then compacted to a depth of 6 mm using a heavy old roller. That is a mechanical device and not an overweight rocker from the sixties

We are slightly behind schedule but that was because of the freezing weather conditions. You can’t lay asphalt in the cold.

Once that has settled a carpet will be laid over the asphalt and than that will be covered with the ARC – the artificial red clay. Then there will be the permanent painting of the lines followed by the installation of the net posts and finally a new net.  So fingers crossed we will have a brand new clay court fully operational by March 17th. Which of course just so happens to be Paddy’s Day. There is a certain sense of satisfaction to know that the black stuff is going down for that particular day.

Further down the line the club may be able to find the funds and the planning permission to light the court. And what a belter that will be – Number one clay court with lights. No guessing which court will be booked most often throughout the year.