Club Tennis Box Leagues

The club currently runs a singles Box League which is free to participate in for members and is managed via the LTA’s Competitions website – LTA Competitions

Initial Set-Up

In order to be eligible for the Box League members need to ensure they are set up in the system initially by following the below instructions:

  • All players need a LTA Advantage membership and a club affiliation to Pavilion and Avenue tennis club along with up to date contact information, which will be used by the players in your box to contact you and schedule matches.

Please login to the LTA website to sign up and/or update your profile and contact details –

Venue and contact details are in the My Account area of the website once you are logged in.

  • All players need to have claimed their account in the LTA Competition Management System – this is automatically linked to your LTA Advantage membership and is where the box league software resides. 

If not claimed already, login for the first time and claim your account – LTA Competitions 

  • Please inform Jason Squire if you would like to be included/withdrawn for the next round of box leagues by dropping an email to Jason also indicating your level of play so we can try and place you in a competitive division –

Accessing the box league

Once you have been added to the Box League and the round has been generated:

  1. Login to the LTA Competions website LTA Competitions
  2. Scroll down to the My Box Leagues section and click on Singles Box League:









Here you will see the current round summary:

  •  Rounds – a dropdown list defaulted to the current round so you can view previous rounds if required
  • My upcoming matches – a dropdown list of all of your potential matches in the current round
  • Group  – an expandable summary of your current division which updates the standings dynamically as match results are entered. 















Organising Matches and Entering Results

Round matches can be viewed by expanding the My upcoming matches list:










Selecting an opponent’s name will bring up their contact details:






Please Note: – It is really important that your profile has your up to date contact details including email and phone number to allow other members to contact you and arrange matches

Please login in to the LTA website – to view and/or your account section and make sure your details are up to date.

The ebookings system (where court bookings are made) directory can also be used to find a member’s contact details.

Many groups currently use WhatsApp to create a group chat for their division as an easier way to reach out to the entire group and arrange a match, it is worth enquiring if one already exists that you can be added to if you have recently joined or moved division for the next round.

Once a match has been played simply find the relevant match in the list, enter the score and click on save:










The group table will be immediately updated showing the current standings.

Match Scoring and Points

Matches are played best of 3 with a match tie break to 10 at 1 set all (see above example)

If a match is not completed due to an issue with time/lights etc. it should be fully replayed at another date, uncompleted matches will not generate any score for either player. 

2 points are awarded for a win and 1 point for playing so a win gets you 3 points and a loss gets you 1 point.

If 2 players have the same points total the standings will be listed based first on head to head results and then sets win % and game win %.

The points system is designed to also reward those who are arranging and playing as many matches as possible as playing matches can quickly impact your table position even if you are not winning all of them.

Promotion and relegation will be three up and three down based on points and we will try and stick to this as much as possible taking into account withdrawals and new members etc.

We hope everyone enjoys these box leagues which are designed for members to have competitive fun at their level. We try our best to allocate everyone to groups as accurately as possible but playing matches and recording results will certainly assist us moving forward so please do get stuck in and have fun.

We hope to see you on court soon.