Club Tennis Box Leagues

The leagues are open to players of all abilities.

If you would like to join the leagues for the next session please email

There is now a new system that is part of the court booking system. The leagues are refreshed every two/three months with promotion and relegation places up for grabs. There are currently 9 divisions operating with 10 players in each division.  All you need do is to contact Jason Squire and he will include you in the next league listing dependent on experience and ability. You will be ranked on your current ability meaning that if you are a team player you will automatically be put into a higher league than an individual who is just starting out. Once you are included you will be sent an automatic email with all your opponents and contact details. It is up to you to organise your matches.

You will receive 5 points for winning a set and 1 point for playing. Matches are made up of two tie break sets. The deciding set will be a championship tie break set up to ten with two clear. If both players agree – you can play a third tie break set. If you can’t agree then the final set will be a championship tie break.

The points are awarded as follows: if you win by two sets to one you will receive 11 points and your opponent 6. If you win by two sets to love then you will receive 11 points and your opponent  one point for playing.