Waiting List

Please enter your Email.

We have a maximum membership number, which we set so that members can book a court relatively easily even at peak times.

If our membership is full, please add yourself to our waiting list, and you will be admitted to the club when we have space, in strict order.

In the past, 50-100 members leave the club each year, which means we can admit the same number of new members.

Once added to the database, you can go here any time to query your current position in the Waiting List.

Please note: This email address will only be used to contact you about membership. To be fair, once on the waiting list, you cannot "expand" your membership; any additional members in your family group must add themselves to the end of the waiting list. When their turn comes, we can add them to your family group.

NB GMAIL EMAIL ADDRESSES – 21/11/2022: our system is not sending the usual confirmation email to Gmail email addresses – we don’t know why. We are troubleshooting this and will fix it, so if you have added yourself using a Gmail address, you will have been added to the Waiting List, but will not receive the usual confirmation email. Please check back in a few weeks and if this message has gone, the error has been fixed. You can then visit this page to check your current position. Apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you.