Christmas Wine Tasting!

Richard Ambridge is hosting another wine tasting at Pav and Ave with the focus on CHRISTMAS. So we will definitely have some lovely Christmas wines to taste.

Arrive from 7 and get a drink from the bar, find a table and have a chat. At about 7.30 Sharon and Ann will be providing some nice snacks to the tables which will pretty much fill you up.

Around 7.45, Richard will start his wine talk and the first tasting will follow soon after.

In between tastings, Jane Ambridge will circulate with tasty nibbles she’ll bring in, to clean your palate.

So, in short you can:

  • Taste 8-10 wines
  • Probably discover some new ones
  • Stock up for Christmas (optional!)

This will be a fun and relaxing evening and I promise you’ll learn a lot about wine.

See you there!