Pav & Ave awarded LPDC status

The LTA has recently changed the Player Performance Pathway for individuals looking to maximise their potential with the eventual goal to become tennis professionals.

There will now be 2 National Academies and 11 Regional Centres nationwide. Pav & Ave applied to become an LPDC (Local Player Development Centre) and we are very pleased to have been selected as one of only two in the County and one of fifty in the Country

As an LPDC our main objective is to provide regular, high quality local training and competitions for aspiring players aged 10 and under.

We are looking to attract athletic children into the game and positively nurture and enhance their development and love of the game.

The LPDC will run alongside our existing Club programme which will continue to cater for all ages and standards.

At Pav & Ave we have always approached our coaching from a holistic angle seeing the sport as one that cannot only be played for life but also a vehicle which teaches so many invaluable skills which are transferable in later years. These include,

-the importance of sport and physical activity from a health perspective with enjoyment and confidence building being the ultimate aims.

-social interaction and communication

-respect for the Club, Coaches and fellow members

-hard work, discipline and being competitive in a fair and honest manner

We have achieved international success from players in our current programme ( see below for more details) and although we are extremely proud of that, we are elated that the club is seen as a positive pillar within the community which has an open door, relaxed feel and makes a positive intervention in young peoples upbringing

Pavilion and Avenue TC has produced players at County, Regional, National and International level and in the last 3 years we have had three players representing Great Britain, one of which played Junior Wimbledon this year. We look forward to continuing to help develop high quality players who love the game.

The Coaching Team