Mixed Vets draw with Henfield

The Pavilion & Avenue Mixed Vets team (over 45) team was made up of Jason Squire and Judy Pow and Neil Moss and Suzie Holmes.

If you have not been to the Henfield tennis club before it is not an easy find been tucked behind a leisure centre.  There are four hard courts. It would be not unkind to describe them as needing a bit of work and attention. However the club house is new and charming.

The Henfield second pair were awkward in the sense that Tony Slingsby sliced everything. Think of Colin Blowers on speed. Their first pair combined the talents of  Helen’s double back hand steadiness and  Mark’s power.  It was a pity for Suzi that she had been ill that week. She fought bravely with  chairman Mossy but to no avail. Judy Pow played well all night which was just as well because I had one of my  more clumsier evenings. Light bouncy balls on a windy hard court is not in my comfort zone.

The Henfield evening meal was superb with a mixtures of cheeses and salads plus a bottle of red and white wine which in my book is the perfect after match meal. Discussions ranged from the Catholic Church to the ancient smells of old motor cars. We Mixed Vets really know how to have a good time!

Scores below