Men’s Second team win promotion from tough division

There is surely a reason that the mens 2nd team is seen as  the glamour team to play for…any suggestions on postcards welcomed. We can field a team of 4 with a combined age of about 260 on occasions and still give them a good run for their money.
The season (which consisted of 6 matches) started quite badly really and we were at the wrong end of the league with 2 heavy defeats by teams who chose to play young stars, coaches and club champions which did seem a little unfair. However, we put together a run of three consecutive 4-0 wins and yesterday a tough draw to come 2nd in the league overall due to a slightly arcane (to me anyway) scoring system which worked to our advantage. Promotion to the dizzy heights of the 8th division (west) looms!

A great effort from all the chaps who played and of course their coaches, agents, managers and support/bar staff. Talent and athleticism is often rewarded as is simply getting the ball back over the net and in the white lines, luckily for us!

The team was drawn from Jason, Colin, Joel, Tray, Steve, Alan, Brian, Des, Ian and myself and it has been a pleasure to be a part of yet again – fun and supportive all the way. Thanks guys!
Neil Moss