Members’ Code of Conduct

In general

Members are expected to be courteous and considerate to other members, coaches, visitors, Committee members, staff, and neighbours.

Members will please be sensitive to the feelings of others. Insensitive comments or “jokes” made at the expense of a person or a group – such as a certain sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, disability – are to be discouraged by everyone, please. Such comments are not acceptable by the club especially if repeated or habitual.

Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

Members will pay their membership fees on time and, please, at the first time of asking. This saves lots of admin. Also, Members will pay any visitor fees due on the day of play.

Members will be a positive role model to other members, to our many junior players and to visitors.

Members will arrive on time to use their courts, and if they have booked and cannot play, will unbook the court for someone else to use.

Please help our cleaning bills by taking your own rubbish home. There are recyclable “doggy bags” for this purpose hung up around the club. If you must use our bins, there are three locations outside each with one bin for recycling, and one for general waste.

On court

Members should encourage fair and safe play.

Members will please discourage disputes over calls. The player(s) on the side the balls lands have the call. If a player cannot call a ball out, then the point is given to the other side. The other side can offer to play the point again.

Wait until a suitable break in play to walk behind a court

Don’t hit a ball hard, directly at another player from close range in social tennis

Turn phones to silent when on court

Talk quietly when others are playing

Welcome new members and players to the club irrespective of their experience and level of play.

When leaving, please help to keep the courts clean by removing one or two pieces of any litter.


Thank you – and enjoy your tennis.

The Committee