Loads of new members attracted on Open Day

Over seventy people came to Pavilion & Avenue on our Open Day held on Saturday May 18th. Key attraction was the coaching sessions given  by head coach Julie Hobbs and performance coach Ben Reeves.  And with expert tuition and experience by Andrea Pullin and Adam Webb.

Like any tennis club we always need to keep membership numbers up. There is plenty of competition in the area with clubs all looking to recruit new members so these Open Days are important to the continuing success of Pavilion & Avenue.

Neil, Colin, Gemma and Nicky were all on hand to help point out the advantages to joining Pav & Ave. There were coaching sessions for adults and juniors, fun games for the little ones and the Sound Tennis club also had chances to get on court. Big thanks again to Nick Rivett Sports  for their sponsorship.   

On Open Day itself we had twenty seven individuals sign up to the Club with many more making plans to come back again. And who could blame them?