Ladies 1 beat Grasshoppers 1 after tight first round 4-0

Ladies 1 v Grasshoppers 1 (Division 3)
Ladies 1st team had their 1st match of the Winter season and their 1st since lockdown. Our last match was actually in January! It started off sunny. We got off to a 2-0 lead with Suzi and Amanda going to a (thrilling – nerve-racking) Champs tie-breaker where they pulled back from being 4-7 down to win, to the relief of us all. Mandy and Gill managed to win theirs in straight sets, losing only 1 game. As we went back on, we played a few games before the rain came down quite heavy and we had to shelter. But we wanted to continue to play as we had a chance of making it 4-0 and we went back on eventually, despite the rain continuing off and on. Both pairs managed to win their 2nd rubbers, and celebrated their return to winning ways and just generally the return to playing matches with a glass of wine – in now glorious sunshine againĀ (socially distancing of course). Well done to everyone giving their best and playing well, despite the rain. We eagerly await our next match.
Gill Mastrangelo