Jack’s Charity Tournaments

This summer the club allowed me to run a series of events in aid of The Martlets.

“The Martlets” is a fantastic local charity that support so many families around Brighton and Sussex. Recently, they have supported my family as well as a close friend of mine, Charlie, in whose memory I raised the money.

First Event

The first event was a Men’s Team event. We had 18 players which I assembled in to teams of 3
players. I put the 6 teams in to a “round robin” draw.

The teams then played 1 singles match and 1 doubles match. In the event of draw the teams would play a doubles championship tiebreak to settle the match. It was entirely up to each team who they fielded for the singles and the doubles.  The format really helped spark some good rivalry and the atmosphere for the event was competitive and fun! Plenty of banter between the teams.

Second Event

In the second event I aimed to include as many of the clubs members as possible. So I ran 2 events
simultaneously: a “team event” and a “social event”. Thirty Four players entered.

Ann & Gill who run the bar at the club did a fantastic job – both catering and playing! Sharon – our previous bar manager – covered the bar as a volunteer to allow Ann and Gill to play. Thanks Sharon! Thanks to Gill and Ann too, for making the day a great success.

Both events were great fun and I am so pleased to have raised over £800 for The Martlets.

If you’d like to donate, please go here: www.justgiving.com/pavgiving. That would be fantastic – many thanks.

Jack Palmer
Coach, Pavilion & Avenue Tennis Club