How to book the Airhall

Airhall courts are paid for when you book them. To enable this, you need to “charge up” your Pav & Ave Ebookings Online account with some money, which most people do by credit/debit card.

It’s often easiest to pay for the court yourself, then get the money back from the other players on the day. But you can also debit each player’s account with their share when you book, if you wish.

Everything you do – adding money, booking a court, making payment for a court, getting a refund for a booking – is confirmed to you by email. So you always know what’s going on with your account. And no-one else can book you into a court without you being aware.


Each of us can log on to our “account” at: using the 3-digit “User ID” and 4-digit “Pin” which was sent to you at membership renewal.

(To be emailed a reminder, click the “Forgotten ID or Pin” link on that login page.)

Go to “Manage Account” (see image) to add credit to your account so you can pay for the Airhall.

ADD MONEY by Credit Card or by using a Voucher (from the bar)’

Log in and click “Manage Account”, where you have the option to add money by credit/debit card, which is the option most people choose.  You can also top up your account by using a voucher purchased from the bar. In this case, again on the Manage Account page (see image below), there is an option to enter the unique code from the voucher which instantly adds credit to your account.  

YOUR OPTIONS: Pay the fee yourself,  or split it between players

You have two choices when paying for an Airhall court: pay the full fee yourself when booking and get the money back from other players on the day: or split the payment 2 ways or 4 ways when booking.

Pros and Cons of paying yourself vs splitting the payment

OPTION 1 – You pay for the whole court yourself, and get the cash from the other(s) playing on the day of play.
Advantages: Easy and quick. If someone has to arrange a substitute on the day, it might be easier to manage.
Disadvantage: You need enough money in your tennis account to pay for the whole booking at the time you book.

OPTION 2 – When booking, you name all players. The system splits the payment between all players named.
Advantages: You don’t have to pay the full court cost personally. Less “admin” for you on the day of play.
Disadvantage: You can only do it if every player has enough “credit” in their account to cover their share.

To allow you uninterrupted airhall bookings, please keep sufficient credit on your account. 


The booking system follows set rules for dealing with cancellations and refunds. Most members accept these rules without question – and we appreciate that very much because it saves us valuable administration time.

  • If you cancel more than 24 hours before it’s due to start, the booking fee is refunded in full.
  • If you cancel later than this, the system WILL refund you ONLY IF the court is re-booked. Sorry – there are no refunds for late cancellation (genuine medical emergencies excepted).

NB: Please remember that what you are charged depends on WHEN YOU BOOK, NOT when you play.  Occasionally, this might result in anomalies – eg occasionally, members playing on neighbouring courts might have paid different prices. This simply can’t be avoided  because of the club’s 2-week booking window. (Please note that no refunds will be applicable in these situations.)

Tips and FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you cannot find your User ID and/or Pin, use the “Forgotten ID or Pin” link on the login page.
  • When you log in, your account shows by how much you are in credit. (See image)
  • Your credit is stored securely in the club bank account. You can ask for a refund at any time.
  • If you enter 3 names when booking how is the fee divided? In 3, as it can only be divided equally.
  • Can I book and then pay later? No – sorry. You can only book if you pay in advance.
  • Can I get a refund of the credit on my account? Yes, of course. Please email admin (at) and we will refund you, as soon as possible, and usually within a few days.
  • Where do I buy a voucher? How does it work? The bar sells vouchers for set denominations. Each one has a unique code which, when entered within your account, immediately tops up your account.
  • What if I have a voucher but don’t know how to log on to my account? There is a leaflet behind the bar explaining exactly how to add a voucher to your account. 

Thank you, and enjoy your tennis – The Management Committee