Hire the Jazzmin Quartet!!

The Jazzmin Quartet was the most successful event we’ve had at the club. The clubhouse was packed and the band gave a performance that thrilled many of us. At least 6 people said to me personally that the evening was fantastic, the band excellent, and the voice of Vivien (member Vivien Moore) a joy – and all the more surprising, as we only know her from playing tennis!

Well, the good news is that the Jazzmin Quartet would like to play more gigs – so if you are involved in any social clubs, or want to let anyone know about this possibility please direct them to Vivien, or her website.

Here’s Vivien’s message:

“”Vivien’s Jazzmin Quartet are looking for gigs so if you want them to play at a venue you know, please contact Vivien on 07718522730 or email her at vivienjmoore@yahoo.co.uk. They charge reasonable rates. Their website is www.jazzmin.uk

It would be great if we can help Vivien out – thanks!

– Malc