Pavilion & Avenue Tennis Club – Hove

Tennis Club Membership

Subscription contributions enable you to join and enjoy the game: and help the Club facilities to be maintained and kept for future generations.

The membership application form can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. The full payment is due from April 1st; if joining from August, discounted membership is offered (see below). In either case, please print out and fill in an application form.

Membership form PA-Membership-Form-2018-19

Junior membership form Junior-Membership-2018-19

Full fees for 2018/2019 (applicable from April 1st 2018)

Membership Category Subscription Rates
a) Senior (adult individual) £295
b) Couple
(Husband and Wife or partners living at the same address)
c) Family
(living at the same address excluding children over age 21)
d) One Parent with two Juniors £455
e) One Parent with one Junior £365
f) Intermediate Senior
(age 18-21) and Full Time Student under age 26
g) Junior (under age 18 on previous 1st January) £130
h) Munchkin Junior (under age 8 on previous 1st January) £75

Pro Rata Membership Rates (discounted rates from August 2018)

Click the image to see the pro rata rates (if joining from August). Or click here to download the document.