Airhall Rates

During the winter months the two acrylic courts ( 9 and 10) are covered by an Airhall.

The airhall goes up at the start of October and is taken down on May 1st.

Rates for Winter 2018/2019 will be advised in September 2018


There must be one member playing per court who can be accompanied by up to a maximum of 3 visitors. The member is responsible for paying the air hall fee plus paying visitor fees and making the appropriate entry in the Visitors Book before using the court. The court fee and the visitor fee can be combined on the same payment slip.

The number of occasions a visitor may play is limited to 8 times in a year.

Visitor Fee: Adult £5 and Junior £3 per occasion.


Please pay before you play!

Please complete the air hall slip, found in the clubhouse entrance lobby, and place together with the payment in the black box on the wall.

When the clubhouse bar is open, please pay at the bar BEFORE play. Please note that you can now pay by card at the Bar, as well as by cash or cheque. If paying by card a slip must still be completed to this effect and placed in the black box.

In order for bookings and payments to be reconciled efficiently please clearly state the following on the slip:-

The member’s name that the court is booked in (which may be different to the person paying the court fee)

Court Number – 9 or 10




Any visitors (if applicable) and fee paid

If you are paying at the clubhouse bar, the Bar Staff or Admin Officer will issue a receipt, if required.


If you are unable to play we would appreciate that every effort is made to cancel the court as soon as possible in order to allow other members to potentially use.

Should a booking be cancelled less than 24 hours in advance and the slot not resold, the full charge is payable. For example – a court booked for Wednesday at 8-30pm needs to be cancelled by 8-30pm on Tuesday evening, if not required.

All cancellations are notified to the Club by email. No further courts can be booked until the cancellation fee is paid.

The Admin Officer will print each day’s booking sheets and retain this to ensure all payments have been received.


Complete honesty is required by every member no cheating please! The court fee must be paid before using the court. If you decide to stay on the court for longer than your booked slot, and the court is not required by others, please break from play at the end of your booked slot, return to the clubhouse and pay your additional payment before continuing – add on minimum charge is for half an hour, e.g. even if you stay on for 10 minutes, you have to pay an additional fee for 30 minutes.

In order to be fair to all members anyone abusing the above procedure will be invoiced by the Club for the amount unpaid, plus an additional £15 surcharge. If it happens on a second occasion, the member will again be invoiced but also notified that they are not allowed to use the air hall again for a year. CCTV in the air hall is monitoring play.


The air hall should be locked when not in use. The first ‘booked’ player is to take the air hall key off the hook in the clubhouse lobby beside the black money box, unlock the revolving doors to courts 9 and 10, and place the key on top of the ‘protective grill’ beside the revolving door. At the end of play, if no ‘booked’ player or coach arrives, or if it is the final night slot, please switch off the lights, lock the revolving door, return the key to the clubhouse lobby hook and check that the clubhouse door has shut tight. Also if it is the final night session, check that the main entrance gate has shut tight behind you on way out.

NB once lights are switched off they take 15 minutes approximately to light up again.


All Coaches and Squads Coaching Administrator, under the responsibility of the Head Coach, keep weekly records of coaching fees received and pay monies directly to the Admin Officer on a weekly or daily basis. ‘Block booked’ squads and fees are paid into the main account but at the end of each block.

When there is good reason, the Coach has the authority to waive a court booking cancellation fee, for the very few pupils having weekly multi lessons.

Saturday morning Community Open Squads are charged at off peak rate. Any visitors pay a visitor’s fee to  the club

The LTA gave the Club significant funding for the cost of the air hall to provide indoor court facilities for a substantial junior coaching programme, in particular after school hours.

Thank you for your co-operation and enjoy your indoor tennis