The Physio Rooms

At The Physio Rooms our goals are your goals – we always tailor our treatment to what you want to achieve. Whether your aim is to reduce pain, increase your range of motion and mobility (to enable pain free daily living) or perhaps to achieve a personal best at your chosen sport we can help.

Our skilled therapists look for the cause of any problems you have rather than just treating symptoms. Many injuries are linked to weak muscles or poor movement control, we can help you address these to keep you fit and pain free. What sets us apart is the high standard of treatment we offer and the variety of approaches we use.

The Physio Rooms isn’t just about managing pain and injury, we also work with athletes on injury prevention and improving sports performance.

Pilates at The Physio Rooms.
In our studio room we offer matwork Pilates classes. These are small in numbers, with a maximum of 6 in the class meaning that the attention to detail is a real priority. Pilates has numerous benefits such as increasing core strength, improving flexibility and mobility, and preventing injury.
Several members from the club have joined our classes and keep coming back term after term. Here is what one of our regulars says
The benefits of Pilates I personally feel, especially playing tennis, is improved flexibility better mobility around the court and I just seem to feel more relaxed and the breathing has improved. The other benefits have certainly relieved the lower back pain and shoulder stiffness. I feel Pilates is definitely beneficial when you get older to try and keep you as flexible as possible.’
Class timetable:

Monday 8:30am 9:30am
Wednesday 6:15 pm
Thursday 5:30, 6:30 pm
Friday 1 pm

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